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Casey    Mitchum    portrayed    by    Timothy    Adams

Biography for Timothy Adams

Timothy Adams plays Casey Mitchum, an all-American lifeguard with a troubled past. He has played an integral role on "Sunset Beach" since the show premiered in January 1996. The middle in a family of five from Harrison, New Jersey, Adams says he was a boisterous and energetic child.

Academically, Adams performed well in school, but he was often reprimanded for clowning around. Athletics proved to be his true passion, and he excelled in every sport he attempted. He later earned a Bachelor of science in computer science at Jersey City State University. But after graduation, dreading a 9 to 5 desk job, he opened his own trucking company with a friend. Four years later, he decided to take a shot at something he had always wanted to pursue - entertainment.

Adams began modeling and was soon signed by the internationally known Boss modeling agency eventually opening the door to an acting career. In his first television role, he played Lt. Adam McIntyre on "Guiding Light." He also played a German terrorist in Bruce Willis' blockbuster film "Die Hard with a Vengeance," and he has appeared on several sports programs on cable television. Adams lives in Los Angeles. He is an advocate of physical fitness and healthy living.


1."Sunset Beach" (1997) TV Series .... Casey Mitchum (1997-)

2.Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) .... Gunther ... aka Die Hard 3 (1995) ... aka Simon Says (1995) (USA: working title)

3."Guiding Light, The" (1952) TV Series .... Lt. Adam McIntyre ... aka "Guiding Light" (1978) (USA: new title)