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-MARK COLLIER (Bartender) Collier plays a bartender at The Deep who interacts with Annie (Sarah Buxton) on August 25. His credits include the TV series, Emmerdale Farm.

-DAVID CHISUM (Annie Lover) Chisum plays a persistent man who sets his sights on Annie in August.

-BRETT STIMELY (ex-Dr. Jay Garvin, B&B; Joshua Sloane, Sunset) Stimely will play Lawyer Joshua Sloane. He will read Gregory's will.

-SYDNEY PENNY (ex-Julia, All My Children; ex-B.J., Santa Barbara; Temporary Meg, Sunset Beach) Penny takes over the role of Meg in August when Susan Ward goes to shoot her new movie In Crowd. She will first air sometime in mid-September and will stay on for about 8 to 12 weeks.

-SEAN KANAN (ex-AJ, General Hospital; Jude Cavanaugh, Sunset Beach) Kanan joins the cast in mid-August as a mystery man named Jude. He is described as a young man with a passion for women, making money, and living life to the fullest.


-EDDIE CIBRIAN (Cole Deschanel) The rumor that Eddie Cibrian was leaving is no longer a rumor. It is a fact according to Soap Opera Weekly. He will be leaving in November. The role will not be recast.

-SHERRI SAUM (Vanessa Hart) Also out in November, is Sherri Saum as Vanessa Hart. The role will be recast.

-SAM BEHRENS (Gregory Richards) Behrens is taking an extended vacation and will be away from the show for a couple weeks. Now that we know that Gregory is Francesca's killer, the TPTB (the-powers-that-be) are in a predicament. What is going to happen to the character of Gregory? Sunset announces that they would LIKE to keep Sam on the show...but whether or not they WANT him to stay is not the question- the question is How can a murderer be written in? (NOTE: I did not say Behrens was leaving the show. Rumors are flying that he is leaving... for good.)

-SUSAN WARD (Meg Cummings) Susan will be taking a break from the beach for 3 months (Oh my!) to shoot a movie. (See note below.)

NOTE: At a time when Sunset Beach needs to add viewers, I don't think anything worse could have happened: the loss of one of the two people of the show's main couple. The role has been recast. (See COMINGS above.)