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July 19- Playing the role of grieving widow, Annie pays a confidential call on an attorney to discuss the possibility that Trey stands to inherit a fortune which isn't rightfully his. Shocked to find Maria lying in Ben's arms, Meg flees from The Deep with her former boyfriend in hot pursuit. Antonio reminds an anxious Gabi how Tyus explained that Ricardo's apparent anger is really just frustration at being unable to speak or move. Meg furiously informs Ben she never wants to lay eyes on him again. A disgusted Sean warns his sister that their father's memorial service has turned into a media circus. Meg returns to Surf Central in tears and confides her troubles to Casey. Antonio calls Maria with the bad news about their brother's health crisis. Meanwhile, a seething Ricardo continues to envision Gabi and Antonio in all sorts of sexual scenarios. Annie's attorney advises her to keep mum about Trey's questionable paternity until after the reading of the will. Later, Annie decides to sneak a peek at Gregory's will while the rest of the family heads to the memorial service. Sean presents a beaming Emily with a necklace depicting two hearts linked together. Disguised as a janitor, Gregory goes to his office at the Media Center and removes a roll of bills from the safe. Ricardo reaches for Gabi's neck and begins to squeeze the life out of her.


July 20- Yanking his cap down over his face, Gregory attempts to sidle away from Annie but Cole's arrival puts another hitch in his escape plan. As friends and family members gather for Gregory's memorial service, A.J. reminds Olivia she doesn't have to raise Trey alone as long as he's around. Caitlin privately admits to Antonio how conflicted she is about her father. After finally pulling away from Ricardo's grasp, a frightened Gabi asks Tyus why her stricken boyfriend would try to strangle her. Amy is crushed when Sean instructs her not to attend the service for his dad. As Gregory eavesdrops, Cole accuses Annie of trying to get her paws on her late husband's will. Tyus assures Gabi the pressure Ricardo put on her neck was just an involuntary response often seen in stroke victims. Later, Carmen admits to Gabi that she sees now how much the young woman truly loves Ricardo. Disguised as a monk, Gregory slips into the back of the chapel and listens to his loved ones eulogize him. After Annie unleashes some of her pent-up rage at the spouse who tormented her, Caitlin springs to her feet to voice an objection. Touched to hear his daughter so vigorously defending his honor, Gregory turns to go but stumbles against a candle stand and draws some unwanted attention to his presence.


July 21- Maria urges Ben to track Meg down before it's too late to set things straight. An enraged Sara accuses Tim of tearing her and Casey apart. Amy enlists Brad's help in a new scheme to dope Sean with the love potion. At the memorial service, Cole accosts the silent "monk" and demands answers to some questions. After Antonio explains to Cole that the brothers at the mission are on retreat and are not allowed to speak, Gregory manages to slip away without being recognized. Sara complains to Hank that Meg has once again ruined her life. Meanwhile, Casey admits his true feelings to a startled Meg, who asks for some time alone to process everything which has happened. Maria confides to Annie how she and Ben made love. Hank suggests to his exasperated daughter that her jealousy of her big sister has clouded her judgment. Annie rushes to Surf Central to rub Meg's nose in the fact that Ben has reunited with his wife but is disappointed to discover that she already knows the worst.


July 8- Ricardo brings Gabi home to his loft. Gregory loses his chance at catching Cole alone on the beach. Clutching the package containing the videotape and the still photographs, Antonio returns to the rectory and prays for strength. Caitlin referees a shouting match between her mother and Annie, who enjoys reminding a seething Olivia that she has no place in the Richards' mansion any more. Still laboring under the delusion that his lover left him because of the abuse she suffered as a child, Ricardo promises to give Gabi all the space she needs until she can come to terms with what her father did to her years before. Carmen tells Maria how she intends to use the proof she's obtained to drive Gabi out of both of her sons' lives forever. Antonio puts a match to the evidence of his sin. Casey presents Sara with a dream catcher to hang by her bed as she moves into Surf Central. As she lashes out at Olivia, Annie almost lets the truth about Trey's paternity slip from her loose lips. Ricardo and Gabi make love.


July 9- Appalled to think that Ben would take Maria to the special place they once shared, Meg speeds towards the casita to check out Tess' story. Antonio hides the scrap of the incriminating photo as Ricardo and Gabi enter the rectory arm in arm. Meanwhile, Lupe delivers the extra copy of the videotape into a gleeful Carmen's waiting hands. At Surf Central, Sara's first effort at making a romantic dinner for two fails miserably but Casey laughingly assures his girlfriend they can live on love instead of food. Maria pleads with her mother to leave Gabi and Ricardo alone now that they've reconciled. Unaware of the existence of the second copy of the video, Antonio reports to Gabi that their troubles are over. Carmen finally decides to discard the videotape to save her family from irreparable harm. Later, a curious Ricardo retrieves the tape from the trash and inserts it into the VCR, then gets the shock of his life.