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Sunset Beach Spoilers



Gabi is nearly strangled by a furious Ricardo... Casey declares his feelings to Meg... Annie and Meg get into a physical altercation when Annie taunts Meg about her relationship with Ben... Sean begins to feel the effects of the love potion... Olivia and Cole, and Bette and Caitlin, share tender moments.


MONDAY, JULY 19 Ben tries to explain himself to Meg but the damage is done Ricardo has a dangerous reaction to Gabi Annie's scheming puts her on a collision course with Gregory

TUESDAY, JULY 20 A.J. touches Olivia with a proposal Gregory is a guest at his own funeral Gabi is shocked by Carmen's compassion

WEDNESDAY, JULY 21 Casey declares his feelings to Meg Gregory's funeral brings Caitlin closer to both Olivia and Cole Amy is finally alone with Sean and the love potion

THURSDAY, JULY 22 Ben interrupts a brawl between Annie and Meg Ricardo manages to communicate with Tyus Casey admits the heartbreaking truth to Sara Amy's afternoon plans for Sean are interrupted

FRIDAY, JULY 23 Gabi presents Ricardo with a sure-to-cure surprise Ben wounds Maria with an admission Amy bungles her attempt to get Sean alone


Olivia prays for Trey's future at Gregory's memorial service. Caitlin makes a confession to Antonio. Ricardo attacks Gabi. Maria acknowledges Ben's feelings for Meg. Casey makes a surprising revelation. Hank confronts Casey. Amy moves forward with her plans for Sean. Annie and Meg's confrontation comes to blows. Maria gives Ben advice about Meg. Hank confronts Casey. Gabi and Antonio team up to help Ricardo. Maria learns about Ben's true feelings. Antonio makes a surprising announcement. Olivia and Cole share a moment. Sean begins having fantasies. Olivia gives Annie news about Gregory's will. Amy considers confessing to Emily.